Best Products and Tools For Quality Content Creation

The beauty industry is taking over the world by storm. In fact, even amidst the pandemic, beauty brands and vloggers still get to post their content because it doesn’t require them to go out to film a makeup tutorial. If you’re into makeup and are planning to create your own videos, here is a list of the best tools that you need to create quality content.


High Resolution Camera

It doesn’t even need to be a vlogging camera. A lot of smartphones these days are capable of filming videos that seem like they’re filmed by a professional camera. Just ensure that your phone has enough memory so the quality of the file isn’t compromised. If not, purchase an external SD card so you can film hours of clips without getting interrupted.


Make certain that your device is stable as well by using a tripod.



The cheapest kind of lighting you can purchase for vlogging is a ring light. There are several sizes available but the most ideal one is an 18-inch size, This way, the brightness is spread out and not just focused on one area. Purchase one that is made out of LED because it’s going to last longer. Some ring lights even give you the option to filter the light and turn it to white or yellow when you need to.


Another inexpensive option is softboxes. Continuous lights are the best for beginners because all you need to do is turn it on and off. You don’t need to buy a branded one. There are many generic softboxes that are really cheap which is perfect for content creation. You’re probably going to need two small ones for a one-person vlogging setup.



For your videos to have a little bit of theatrics, you’re going to need a tool that allows you to create moving elements, moving texts, green-screened components, thumbnails, and the like. And Canva is one of the best tools that you can use for free as a content creator. You don’t even need to download this because it is a web-based app.


The reality is a lot of us are scared to do content because Adobe Photoshop can be quite overwhelming due to how complicated it is. Canva, on the other hand, is meant for individuals who have no background in graphic design.



If your videos are instructional or if you have a lot of background noise that you can’t avoid because of passing cars and the like, it’s best that you have a mic that cancels out these noises. A mic will also make the audio of your videos better in quality and more pleasing to listen to.


Movie Editor

Last but not the least, you’re going to have a reliable movie editor. Windows users usually use Filmora while Mac users usually use iMovie. Whatever it is choose to use, just make sure that it has all the basics covered. It shouldn’t compromise the quality of your clips and it should not slow down your device because that will give you a hard time editing.


And there you have it! If this is your first time filming, our best tip is to just have fun with it and not to overthink!

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